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Aerothermal energy is the
most innovative and efficient heating system.

It consists of taking advantage of the energy contained in the outdoor air to heat a home or domestic hot water. The air around us is constantly renewed from the solar energy received by the Earth's crust, which is why it is an inexhaustible source of energy.

An aerothermal heat pump transports the heat from the outside air to the inside of the house using a cooling fluid as an element for transporting energy. Heat is transmitted to the fluid of the heating installation through an exchanger.
Unlike conventional air-water heat pumps, aerothermal heat pumps are designed to obtain maximum energy from the outside air in severe weather conditions, both in winter and summer.

They have a specially designed compressor that allows them to reach operating temperatures above 60ºC. For this reason, they are an alternative to conventional heating systems, and can replace mixed boilers or split systems, or as a source of DHW production throughout the year.

Disposen d'un compressor especialment dissenyat que els permet arribar a temperatures de treball superiors als 60ºC. Per aquest motiu, són una alternativa als sistemes convencionals de calefacció, i poden substituir a calderes mixtes o sistemes partits, o com a font de producció de ACS durant tot l'any.

Applications of aerothermics:

This efficient air conditioning system offers a wide range of powers, allowing solutions to be provided to small apartments, single-family homes and even buildings in the tertiary sector. The most common applications of aerothermal energy are:


Domestic hot water.


Heating by low temperature radiators.


Underfloor heating and cooling.


Fancoil heating and cooling.


Heating of pools throughout the year.


The new ecological heating.

In addition to energy savings, aerothermal energy can be used in situations where it is not possible to install a boiler, due to smoke evacuation problems, lack of natural gas supply, lack of space, etc. at similar installation and operation costs.

Another incentive for those who live in a region with a hot summer is that aerothermal energy provides cooling through refreshing floors or fancoils, so we avoid having to use another cooling system.

The installation of these air-water heat pumps allows savings of more than 75% compared to other electrical air conditioning systems. Aerothermal heat installations do not depend on a fuel storage that must be renewed periodically, and its location is not conditioned by chimneys or production of combustion gases. This means that the total costs of aerothermal heat pumps are among the lowest of all air conditioning systems. In addition, due to their excellent energy use, they contribute to a reduction in global CO levels.

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