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Estufes i calderes

Estufes i calderes

Quality stoves and efficient boilers are key to the adoption of renewable energy in homes and businesses. With Clubio's innovative technology, these solutions integrate seamlessly, reducing fossil fuel consumption and promoting a sustainable future. A smart choice for a greener planet!

Clubio biomass boilers and stoves : An Efficient and Sustainable Heating System

Customers who use biomass, use it as fuel for their boilers or biomass stoves, which by burning pellets, chips or different materials considered biomass such as firewood, almond clovella, fruit bones, etc. they produce heat, and this concentrated heat heats a water circuit that surrounds the burner and that if distributed to the different radiator points or radiant sun in the house, we obtain a high-performance biomass heating system with less consumption compared to conventional systems (diesel, electricity and gas).

Both at a single-family and industrial level, economic savings of between 40 and 60% can be guaranteed, as long as the technical indications that are recommended to ensure an efficient and profitable installation are followed.

Estufa i Calor a la Llar

Tant a nivell unifamiliar com a nivell industrial, es pot garantir un estalvi econòmic d’entre un 40 i un 60 %, sempre i quant es segueixin les indicacions tècniques que s’aconsellen per assegurar una instal·lació eficient i rentable.

What we offer at Clubio?

Apart from advising and installing biomass stoves and boilers, we are also distributors of certified pellets with guarantees of environmental sustainability and local star quality, coming from forest management of our forests.

"If you serve Nature, she will serve you."